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Understanding the Message System


DirectAdmin features a unique integrated message system that allows all permission classes (User, Reseller, and Admin) to communicate all within the control panel.  Users have only one message system -- they see a "Message System -- N messages waiting" at the top of their control panel screen when they sign in.


Resellers and Admins have two links to DirectAdmin's message system.  At the top of the page they have the standard "Message System -- N messages waiting" link.  At the bottom of the page they see "You have N new support request(s)."


The top link is used to send and receive support requests from a higher permission level.  For example, messages from the server Admin will appear to the Reseller as "Message System -- 3 messages waiting."  A Reseller would also follow this link to submit a support ticket to the server Admin.  The server Admin receives messages from the server through this link (e.g. warnings about down services), because the server is considered a higher authority.


The bottom link is where Resellers receive support tickets from Users, and where Admins receive support tickets from Resellers.


Note:  Either link (top or bottom) can be used by Resellers/Admins to perform mass-broadcast messages.


Initial Setup


Send Copy of all Messages to E-Mail Address 


You can set the message system to send you a copy of all tickets and messages to your e-mail address.  This feature is useful for those who prefer to check e-mail  instead of continually checking the control panel.


To enable this feature, click either the top or bottom message system links.



Place a check in the checkbox, enter an e-mail address, and click "Save."  Messages both higher and lower authority levels will now appear in your e-mail inbox and the control panel's message system.


Deciding Whether to use the Ticket Support System 


Some Resellers and Admins may not want to offer support through the built-in ticket system.  To turn this feature off, click the bottom message system link ("You have N new support requests").



To disable the ticket system, uncheck the box beside "Ticket System Enabled."  Your customers will still see the link to the ticket support system in their control panel, so enter a support page (using HTML code) in the provided text box.


Sending and Receiving Support Requests



To/From Higher Authorities


First, click the "Message System -- N messages waiting" link at the top of the page.



In this example there are two received messages: 0087 and 0089 (remember that messages are always from higher authorities).  There is also one open ticket (tickets are sent to a higher authority).  The status of the ticket is open and there are currently no replies to it.


If this Reseller wanted to send a support ticket to the server Admin, he would click the "Create a Ticket" link at the top of the screen.  The ticket page would look like this:



Remember to click the "Save" button when you are finished.


When you get a Reply to a Support Ticket


When a higher authority replies to your support ticket, they may choose to keep the ticket open (if they need more information or clarification) or close it (if the problem is resolved).  In either case, you will see "Message System -- 1 messages waiting" at the top of your screen.


Click on the "Message System" link to view your ticket.  If the ticket is closed, you will need to click the "View Closed Tickets" link first.


Sending and Receiving Support Requests



To/From Lower Authorities


When you get a support request from one of your customers, it will appear in the bottom message system link (e.g. "You have 1 new support request(s)").  Click on the link and you will see a screen that looks like this:



To view the customer's ticket, click on the message subject (in the example above, we would click on "Cannot create subdomains").  You will then see a screen that looks like this:



If you didn't want to reply to the ticket right away, you could keep the ticket open by changing the dropdown menu at the top of the screen to "Open" and then click "Save."


To reply to a ticket, first select its status (open/closed).  Close the ticket if you are able to solve the problem.  If you need a reply or further clarification, keep the ticket open so your customer can reply to it.


Enter your message, and then click "Save."


Need more help?


Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at https://forum.directadmin.com.


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