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Administrator Settings 


From the main Administrator menu, click the "Administrator Settings" link.  You will see a page that looks like this:



Administrator Settings


Check the first box if you want DirectAdmin to notify all Admins when a service goes down.  This notification will be sent through the message system.  We suggest that Admins set an e-mail address in the message system as well, so that notifications will reach you even when you aren't signed into the control panel.


The last three checkboxes are used to enable and disable the DirectAdmin demo.  The demo is useful for showing others how the control panel functions, without giving them access to make any changes.  For example, you may want to enable the User Demo so that your Resellers have a way of demonstrating the control panel to their prospective customers.

The automatic updator only applies if we send out a forced update. Not having this checkbox enabled prevents the updates from happening without your knowledge. The usual method to update is still to go to your Licenses/Updates page and click on the "Update DirectAdmin" link.

The sectin "Allow Users with less than ..." section is used to limit when a User is allow to create a Site-Backup. If the account already has 60% usage, on the assumption that a backup is compressed enough to fill the last 40% of the account, then this is the limit that will prevent a User from creating a backup that would put him over his limit. A user with 65% disk usage would not be able to create a backup. Alternatively, you can use 0 to turn off user backups completely, or set it to 100 to allow them all the time under any situation.


Server Settings


The Server's Name should be based on the primary domain of the server. E.g. server5.hostingcompany.com, server.garys-site.com, etc.  This name must resolve. It must not match any domain on your server that you plan on using. For example, this value should not be site-helper.com, but server.site-helper.com is ok.


The NS1/NS2 fields define the default (or primary) nameservers for the server.  These generally take the form of ns1/ns2.server-name.com.


The Timeout refers to the amount of time given for a command to execute (e.g. sign-in after username/password have been submitted, loading the statistics page, etc).


The Max File Upload Size refers to the maximum file size that can be uploaded through the control panel.  The default is set at 10 megabytes, in bytes.


Need more help?


Please contact your hosting company for more assistance, or visit the DirectAdmin support forum at https://forum.directadmin.com.


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